Ken Jasper

Ken Jasper

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He Served the Murry Valley

Ken Jasper, whose full name is Kenneth Stephen Jasper, is a former member of the National legislative council representing the Murry Valley. He was elected in 1976 after Bill Baxter’s term expired and only retired after an announcement in 2010. He served the Murry Valley for 34 years and earned respect as a few famous politicians to gain full confidence from their electorate.

About Murry Valley

Murry Valley is part of Melbourne’s rural areas located in the North East and the Northern Victoria region.

The town covers about five thousand and twenty square kilometres. It constitutes an electoral district for the VLC (Victorian Legislative Assembly), created in 1945 to be abolished in 2014, and comprises five significant towns: Numukrah, Wangaratta, Cobram Rutherglen Yarrawonga.

Things to Do

The things you can do at Murry River cut across the following areas.

On the River

One of the prominent features of Murry valley is its River; hence its name – Murry River or River Murry. It is located in the south-east part of Australia and is the longest River in Australia with a perimeter of two thousand, five hundred and eight (2508) kilometres. The River is one of the tourist attractions sites to visit in Australia, and it promises a great experience with food, drinks, cruising on boats, water sports, golfing, and camping. It is a vacation destination.

For Your Kids

Apart from private and official visits, most people visit River Murry on vacation to Australia as one of the famous tourist centres. The River is particularly friendly to and enjoyable by families because of its suitability and safety for children’s play. Everyone wants to catch the scenes of boats cruising non-stop and a hundred birds in one place. It offers excellent entertainment to both young and old and most activities are based on budget.

Natural Wonders

The River Murry is also parked with lots of other features, importantly rooted in nature and culture. It is more than the integration of plains and vegetation. Some of the natural wonders you should look out for are Murry Valley Regional Park, Island Sanctuary, Lagoons, and Hay Plains, among others.

Sport, Walk, and Cycle

Activities abound on the River, and they include taking long walks, sporting, and cycling. If there were any doubts about how fun water sports are, the River Murry experience erases all that. From skiing to wakeboarding to canoeing and kayaking, there are no better alternatives to explore the region. Also, taking long walks or cycling can be exciting and maybe a fun activity to do.

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Arts & Culture

The Murry valley is an excellent deposit of natural value and resources.

It is home to countless creative writers, artists, craft workers, etc. The Murry Valley stores artefacts from as far back as the nineteenth century. The region galleries, therefore, comprise art products showcasing the valley’s history and rich culture.

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