Ken Jasper

About Ken Jasper

Ken Jasper, whose full name is Kenneth Stephen Jasper, is a former member of the National legislative council representing the Murry Valley. He was elected in 1976 after Bill Baxter’s term expired and only retired after an announcement in 2010. He served the Murry Valley for 34 years and earned respect as a few famous politicians to gain full confidence from their electorate. For instance, in 2006, he won all 29 polling booths in the valley region.

He first announced his retirement in August 2009 and finally fulfilled it in 2010 when he refused to partake in the elections. Because of his numerous and consistent contributions, he was conferred with the title MOA (a member of Australia’s order). In his political days, he supported programs on performing arts, health, and service organisations.

He was born on the 5th of May, 1938. In 1971, he married Annette Joy Griffith, and the union is blessed with two children (Sally and Leigh). After his retirement, he returned to his family automobile business as an apprentice and graduated as a car mechanic and spray painter.

As a politician, Ken works tirelessly without missing a sitting and continuously as a visionary leader to develop his region and is commonly associated with the following qualities.


Considering the efficiency and strategy through which he delivers his work, it would be unfair not to use this adjective on him. He is a talented man with lots of ideas to push society forward. In his thirty-four years of service, he helped manage the Murry people’s resources while advancing their technologies.


If tenacity were a man, it would be Ken Jasper. He was enlisted for elections more than ten times, and each time, he intensified his efforts and became more intentional about the welfare of the Murry residents. It is not surprising that he won in all the polling booths in his region in the last election before his official retirement.


Ken Jasper is an enthusiastic individual and always put the whole parliament on its toe in some issues that may seem discouraging.


He is a focused man in search of resources to fulfil his aims and objectives.


When he officially retired, the reactions that greeted the announcement showed his influence on society. His works over the years have endeared people to him, and they couldn’t just get over the retirement of their longest-serving parliamentarian.

Achievements and Awards

One of his achievements is the opening of the respite unit at the Mary McKillop Centre in Nurmurkah. In 2021, the Mae Street respite unit will be thirty-four from its establishment. Also, he was honoured with a plaque at the annual event (Rutherglen Show) for his numerous contributions to their society (Rutherglen Agricultural Society) in 2007.

Essentially, his influence has led to the Government’s successful applications with respect to show funding. He has also facilitated the reconstruction of a new multi-purpose pavilion for the poultry exhibition. He is credited for most reconstruction projects in Murry, particularly those involving education, health, and security.