Ken Jasper

For Your Kids

Apart from private and official visits, most people visit River Murry on vacation to Australia as one of the famous tourist centres. The River is particularly friendly to and enjoyable by families because of its suitability and safety for children’s play. Everyone wants to catch the scenes of boats cruising non-stop and a hundred birds in one place.

It offers excellent entertainment to both young and old and most activities are based on budget. They are affordable and include parks, fishing, drives, long walks, camping, and many others.

The Murry Valley offers families comfortable accommodation through various resorts located there. Kids can join their families to engage in the following harmless activities.


The best moment is setting up your tent and participating in different activities on family vacations, e.g., hikes, fishing, bonfire, etc.

Beach Ramble

Having fun does not only involve locomotor activities. Kids and their families can pitch their tent in one of the river beaches and enjoy the serenity of the sea.

Pioneer Settlements

The pioneer settlement in Swan hill is an excellent recreation during the nineteenth century. Families can take a trip to this place in vintage wear and for a family portrait.

Walking and Cycling

Taking long walks or cycling can be exciting and maybe a fun activity to do. During walks, you learn more about the locals’ activities and see the various parts of the town – the restaurants, bars, clubs, Greenland fields, and parks.

With this, you are giving your kids much exposure to the towns, and by implication, they learn about the locals’ culture.

Bird Watching

Since bird watching is harmless, you can go to the place with the kids. There are different birds in the Murry Valley; hence, bird watching is another fun activity that people engage in while on the valley. You can watch approximately one hundred birds at a time.

The management provides a bird guide that offers detailed information on them and helps you identify the rare breed. The most prominent place where bird watchers visit for the best experience is the Murry Valley’s regional park. Other locations include the Island Sanctuary, Edward River, McFaul Park.

You may capture family time moments during bird watching to help you relive the experience at other times.


Like many riverine areas, fishing is a recreation tool; at the same, it is an occupation. Different fish species in the River Murry are not restricted to cod, catfish, perch (golden or silver or Macquarie), redfin, and bream.

Kids can join in fishing with guidance from their parents or other persons.

Golfing and Swimming

Golfing is one of the most enjoyable sports in Murry valley, with lots of clubs. However, kids can only play mini-golfs with guidance. One primary importance of such activity is that it promises a great golf time with strangers and friends and is an excellent time to network with other visitors in various clubs and courses.

Kids can also engage in swimming, although with guidance and safety wears.