Ken Jasper

The Natural Wonders

The River Murry is also parked with lots of other features, importantly rooted in nature and culture. It is more than the integration of plains and vegetation. Some of the natural wonders you should look out for are:

Murry Valley Regional Park

The regional park is always bustling with lots of activities from pedestrians and cyclists, or other visitors. Also, apart from sporting activities, the park offers camping opportunities.

At the park, the campers are treated as pets. Campers may treat themselves to some alone time on the beach or get a hook and line for fishing. The regional park consists of the River and the River’s resources units; thus, the experience includes water sports such as kayaking.

The park is an area or domain along the River between two close towns.

Island Sanctuary

Forests and Greenland fields surround the river valley. There is also the Island Sanctuary adjacent to the main street on the four hectares of bushland. It forms part of one of the walking trails (beach to beach), and the Island Sanctuary is a bushland island created from the River with unique fauna and flora. It houses different species of animals, e.g., kangaroos and birds.

A notable attribute of Island Sanctuary in Deniliquin is the gravesite of the famous “Old Jack.” The Old Jack died at the hands of some brutal gang during a sudden attack in 1851.

The Murry Sanctuary is an ideal place for family and singles picnics because of its aesthetic grasslands and numerous picnic tables. You may also visit the sanctuary with your pets, provided you fend for them and look out for others’ safety. There is a body in charge of the sanctuary management, which offers guidance to tourists on the importance and use of the flora.


The Murry lagoon has a system that kicks around the River and accommodates various birds, water, and wildlife species. It comprises many parks and gardens and is also featured in the lagoon to beach trails.

Hay Plains

The hay plains are usually flatter than the usual plains but are a space for cruising. Many drivers prefer this location to any other units in the Murry.

Bird Watching

There are different birds in the Murry Valley; hence, bird watching is another fun activity that people engage in while on the valley. You can watch approximately one hundred birds at a time.

The management also provides a bird guide that offers detailed information on them and helps them identify the rare breed. The most famous place where bird watchers visit for the best experience is Murry Valley’s regional park. Other locations include the Island Sanctuary, Edward River, McFaul Park.

There is a particular Reed Beds Bird Hide at the Murry Valley National park that allows you to watch rare species of birds. One way to relish this moment is to bring along your camera to capture each moment in a picture or video.

Also, look around and move closer with the tour guide. You may again ask questions about each bird and its unique qualities. It is one of the funniest and exciting adventures you would take in Australia.