Ken Jasper

Sport, Walk, and Cycle

Activities abound on the River, and they include taking long walks, sporting, and cycling.


If there were any doubts about how fun water sports are, the River Murry experience erases all that. From skiing to wakeboarding to canoeing and kayaking, there are no better alternatives to explore the region.


Due to the large width of the River, it makes water-skiing easier and a plausible option to consider on the River. The annual skiing events (Southern 80, Mildura 100, and Robinvale 80) attract hundreds of thousands of people to the region. Hence, it is a sport to look forward to on your visit.


Drives may not be sports per se but is an activity you want to explore in the region. Whether a slow ride on a paddle-steamer cruise or a family-time ride in a houseboat, you get exposure to the river scenery, the fields, and other exciting features of the Murry Valley.

Canoeing and Kayaking

Canoeing is a water activity where you sit or kneel forward in a decked canoe while propelling it with a paddle (usually single-bladed) for recreational purposes. On the other hand, kayaking involves using a kayak to move across the River.

The Murry River offers one of the best experiences in these activities. The environment is serene and conducive for silent and private glides. Through canoeing and kayaking, you may discover backwaters, lagoons, creeks, and many more.


Golfing is one of the most enjoyable sports in Murry Valley, with lots of clubs. Peter Thomson, a British champion for five consecutive times, helped the region design various courses at Echuca, Thurgoona and Yarrawonga.

Therefore, a visit to the region also promises a great golf time with strangers and friends. It is an excellent time to network with other visitors in various clubs and courses.

Walking and Cycling

Taking long walks or cycling can be exciting and maybe a fun activity to do. During walks, you learn more about the locals’ activities and see the various parts of the town – the restaurants, bars, clubs, Greenland fields, and parks.

Walking Trails

Different walking trails are provided to cater to your walking exercises. They include:

Beach to the Beach Walk

The walk starts from McLean Beach and continues along the riverbanks to take you through buildings, structures, vegetation, and artistic features such as sculptures.

Walk Around the Park

You may also walk around the regional park. The River’s width immensely encourages this, and one may get lost at the marvellous sights of the fields and vegetations.

Lagoons to River

This walking trail provides direction from the lagoon to where the River is situated, and the distance covered is usually about 1.4km. There are many shops tailored along with beautiful landscapes and roads.

Cycling Trails

Cycling trails work like walking trails, and the only difference is the movement aid that accompanies a cycling trail. Cycling trails include cycling around the region, lagoon to River, or in the parks.